Dream Campus Travel | About Our Company
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About Our Company

Dream Campus Travel was founded on an inspiration of my childhood regret and designed to work on a mission to connect students devoted to arts with opportunities to broaden their interest and knowledge in dance, sports, arts, and science through tailored summer camp programs at professional schools and academies.


When I was a kid myself, I played professional fencing for 8 years in the Chinese Youth League. I was dedicated and persistent in improving my sport skill and subsequently achieved numerous medals including quite a few in gold. I had a dream to elevate my levels and to compete around the world. However, I did not have a chance to get further fencing training nor tutoring in good schools outside China. It was a regret that due to lack of resources, travel opportunities and school connections, kids’ interests and dreams went unrealized and dissipate.

In today’s world, things get changed and are different. Interest development in youth has received much more attention and international exchanges have made it possible for students to travel overseas during their summer breaks and pursue their dreams. Dream Campus Travel would like to provide excellent service to students and their families. We believe that academics are beyond country borders and whom we help today may very well be the star of the world tomorrow.


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